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the developer the thing is that massive corporations do a lot of bad things because they have no morals and are obsessed with profit but because they have no morals and are only obsessed with profit the second you even slightly threaten their cash flow they will instantly start cowering at your feet sometimes but that's just my opinion. wealthy british science. is not on the tires. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on r.t. . the. the.
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goal. is too late for me i'm all done in quarter past it i'll soon be on soaring for all my sin just to put i was blind and deaf and without hope. this is no life or death it's a crappy joke come on priests went to god you cried good with google for all my needs he was nothing but shy still don't you worry about me all about my sins good riddance but also it out with him. if he does exist if. this is a man who's. ready to bring charges against god himself at the last judgment his
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name is alexander savor of he lives in a small apartment in moscow suburbs and at two o'clock every thursday afternoon he sits by his front door wearing a device around his neck the moment it vibrates and the lights turn red he knows a delivery has arrived and it's time to open the door. every week for many years korea has regularly delivered meals for alexander from a nearby restaurant he knows his client is blind and deaf but still tries to talk to him. here are the bread rolls i leave them on the table that gave it so then the korea can't understand how anyone can live without hearing
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or sight he has no idea that this particular deaf and blind man unable even to cook a simple meal is more deserving of admiration pity not everyone has successfully achieved a ph d. and then become a professor of psychology fewer still who are deaf and blind alexander savor off is one of them the great accomplishment for anyone but truly remarkable for a man who lives in complete darkness and silence only able to perceive the world through touch. but the words. from the track. duck ok. this one this is a halo yes no it's a hand around. oh yes. so
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these are. fingers i can feel. that right. this is a hand with. this is a hand with. a palm. holding. a child. that you could just throw i say. that makes sense but the much that i should pray. to a mother and her child. is. ten years ago the priest was a clown an acrobat in a circus now he serves in a church affiliated to russia's only children's home specializing in deaf and blind kids his aim is to help them bear their cross humbly and wait for the next world
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he's also unraveling the mystery of the homes most famous graduate and xander savoy off. i'm interested in exactly what makes him tick. what drives him what it's based on. quote the foundation it doesn't matter to me whether it's faith or intuition. i can call myself a believer because i believe in mutual humanity and its necessity. and if that doesn't ultimately prevail all of mankind is doomed. as a graduate from moscow state university psychology faculty survivor of could have spent his life with books as a scholar instead he chose a more difficult path to work with death and blood children.
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i saw there were people who needed my psychology more. so they became the center of my universe. as a junior research assistant at first by how to develop an experimental work programme for them. but i hate any kind of formality especially when it comes to love. and i love those kids right from the start. those kids know how tough it is to achieve what he has but it's very important for them to stay in touch with alexander. almost just we have a girl now her name is i don't wanna she's totally deaf and blind. i think he's
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very familiar with so much of what she feels and suffers i think he's the only one who is really able to help her. leona is terrified to walk by herself the teacher guides her by the hand. alexander gently tells her how important it is to overcome this fear and explains how he walks despite his condition. what is there it's a war king frame. it has four wheels. it goes in front. and i hold it with one hand. and my right hand. i hold there. do you know what it is.
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you know that and i always stick. yes. a folding stick. it's always in this bag on my frame. of that with i always for back fiercely when i felt they wanted to limit my independence in any way because i was becoming one hundred percent dependent that's extremely demeaning it devalues people and undermines what's most important to me shimon dignity. to this process.
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for the. doctor that we had an accident with. the. do a good sense not the first time my friend has got me into trouble yes and. actually it's the third time in a couple of weeks. when he goes out alone he always wears a sign around his neck my name is alexander savor off i'm deaf and blind please take my right hand and write on it to block letters i will easily understand. i want some frozen foods. as usual soups and main courses.
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at five types like a. sefer the supermarket and not just serving someone with disabilities they're also learning about humanity without even knowing it. even the suspicious security guard he usually watches over customers always expecting trouble offers to walk savor of home. ok. i can make it on my own from now on. thanks very much what's your name. i'm alexander too but just as it says here. to the shop is tough. but people often help.
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fifty years ago classrooms in this school are equipped with the very latest in technology deaf and blind students took part in a huge scientific experiment meant to change the future for mankind soviet scientists wanted to prove that intelligence was not to read a trick that with the brains endless potential any child regardless of nature could become a talented adult. but i never minded being part of the experiment. is what i was ok about being a guinea pig. if science needed it. alexander sometimes visits his
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former head must move these eighty three now and almost blind that his memory is failing he still remembers how his best pupil was hungry for knowledge. it was nice to talk to him it was easy to teach myside he loved to read and i remember a library was being renovated and we pulled the books in a shed. alexander often sat in there with a braille book one day he was in the well somebody along the door apparently they didn't realize he was there. it starts from here and to really crazy. i tried to be an all in one genius. that's good because he's great things in whatever he did i wanted to be immortal eternal. well i suppose you could say i was playing god. alexander savor off is six months old in this picture he was born completely
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healthy the when he was three years old he went gathering outpolls with his parents and on that day his typical happy childhood came to an end. with a. sort of it was early in the morning. i remember the dark green leaves and the sun shining through. it because the ground was mottled with sunlight but i couldn't see anything. i couldn't see those little apples so i was fumbling feeling for them. my mother picked me up and began to cry. i had problems with my vision. of the cuckoo that in six years the same happened with my hearing. this group that was august first nine hundred sixty two.
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it was a. very hard to take out. once you get on here there's a lot at that back would that hurt me here now let's. call it. just. like. mission free accreditation free. for charge is free to make
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amends free. free studio time free. download free blog plug in video for your media projects for free media. dot com. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia. the future covered.
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loss of hearing was the most difficult to get used to alexander could still read using his hands but life without music was unbearable. through the filter i call this my musical harness. but that's the birth of i was shocked the first time i put this loudspeaker up to my chest with so for the last i could clearly feel the band's drum. and so i solved the problem of rhythm and now i can hear the music and relax.
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nobody knows exactly why alexander savor of lost his sight and hearing their his case files reveal a dark family secret alexander's mother and father met and fell in love both had lost their parents during the stalin era and both been raised in orphanages they simply considered it a happy coincidence that they shared the same second name only after years had passed did they finally discover the awful truth. husband and wife were also brother and sister perhaps explaining their son's disability. one day he went to a park and then came home to me. i remember i was doing some laundry and he asked me mama how my going to live i don't understand anyone and they don't understand me
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. i said let's go for a walk. first you must as we walked he asked me mom are you happy. i said yes but usually reason you many asked me even having a son like me yet. yes. this is an amateur film taken in one nine hundred seventy two alexander is nineteen he and three other former students at the experimental school have just passed their exams he was a moscow university student headed to leningrad and the baltic republics for a holiday the teachers were certain that the excursion would be good for him but it was then that he seriously began to think about suicide. it was a tough month. i couldn't get through it. i couldn't cope with not enjoying music
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art or sculpture. i couldn't fill it completely it was all too much. and in a few years all that emotional stress transformed into suicidal tendencies. it was only because i was loved and i could feel it but i didn't kill myself. oh hello man hello how are you hello boris the prophet. still gets it new just remember thirty years ago you told me i was going to have the same difficulties with my own alexander savor of. this experiment was insanely cruel bush is just as cruel and violent as life is itself. for someone who has nothing but pain and grief to overcome
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and the only option is madness but still a person who has lost some of their senses can be taught a lot. more and they just have to learn to use their remaining senses in the right way for you. that of course. i'm primarily talking about the sense of touch. i see. this unique footage is from the archives of the special education institute the russian academy of science nine hundred sixty three the decision was taken to teach deaf and blind kids every day skills first and speech second the results were exceptional within a few years many were able to speak read and write but the success was welcome only as far as allowing the students to work in manufacturing perhaps operating a sewing machine soviet society wasn't ready to consider that blind and deaf people might also become academics. because if it's all contrived an
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overblown how can they work in academia they have to be useful do something real they'll earn their bread their country guarantees it they'll always be safe here but i still think that they should do something maybe something small let them have their own specialty they should feel that the government needs their knowledge and they have to feel needed but how can we consider anyone so handicapped to be complete. i did not been for that speech alexander savor of may never have decided to write his doctoral thesis or achieve the title of professor he would not have written his research articles or trust academic conferences through every moment of despair it was because he remembered those cruel accusations of deficiency that he forced himself to keep going to continue living and working. i've always said it's not just handicapped people who have to overcome difficulties
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. if it's not an achievement for an ordinary person. it shouldn't be thought of as an achievement for us either. i'm talking about higher education and finding an interesting job. was my. i deeply appreciate all that you do. and i'm so grateful that you're here. you're a great man you change people's lives you change my life and i'll never forget you . all and all i consider myself happy judging by the outcome of my life as a. movement of all my dreams have come true i even have a son now. the. only good he ever is not
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actually his son but his official guardian and assistant. go and wash your hands markie pop. this is no surprise you didn't want to become a teacher. they met twelve years ago on a mountain hike two lonely people a deaf and blind professor and a fourteen year old boy who'd run away from home. i don't board lost at home but it was tough. my parents were divorced so much the same and i know my mother felt really bad about it which i
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could feel her grief in the air. it was like an endless feeling of hopelessness to send it to perform day i just stroked his hand mumbling to myself my boy. that made him happy he jumped up saying yes i'm your boy. i didn't expect that i was a bit shocked. then i decided to call him my son silently at first and that i was going as a leg took to it well i think said today it. will be at the fishbowl of the middle it took a while to get used to the idea that i was important to this person. if he can imagine living without me now. most of the compiler feel good about that. i don't take it too seriously. but still i do feel responsible for him. it was my choice to come and live with him so i have no right to turn away to leave and.
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as with all families the son grew up and met a girl he's often out on dates while the father stays at home complaining that he needs company. this group i lack personal contacts or personal up virtual i have plenty of virtual contact but almost no personal. the only person willing to talk to him for hours is melatonin the priest who works with the home for the deaf and blind children still tries to bring the stubborn professor into what he considers the light of orthodox christianity. anymore that i can't believe that someone so sincere isn't able to find in the almighty father something useful and interesting in other words if you can't then maybe you are absolutely blind and death spiritually and mentally.
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to those. who have suffered. for fifty sixty or seventy years. god will give. you much more. them to those. who can see. and hear. from. you no i'm not greedy. god. has so much for me. and for you.
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and for everyone. who wants to be with him. so you will feel grateful. i am. some of the most interesting thing is the guys sincerely doubt that this peculiar dialogue will ever. take less like a post-mortem ok. let's make a deal. the first two go there. now. let's see the other one no. god has them if the other world exists. i don't know yet oh you don't know we'll see what that.
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they were ready to do anything for their country to me to try out it was to love the country more than yourself if you joined the military for any other reason that you're probably not going to have a good day they were tools in the hands of the state now they live remembering the past which is impossible to get rid of. the war. but however good people do get hurt. and i've heard good people empty silent. a lot. but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there. because. i saw
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some people who had done my. beer is cheaper than target. on our. part of the new will show moment i should be making news all the face time to time people. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. what i mean here is of course the bailout in the united states with eighty five percent of the population being strongly against it and i don't think you know the
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democratic institutions and the will of the people would prevent the government from actually implementing you know we have created a system that is against the will of the. it's too big to fail. destroyed trillions of dollars. and so it does bring into question the very strength of democracy right now i would argue that it's quite weak. to build a new. mission to teach me. why you should care only.
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decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets president obama says he wants to launch military strikes against syria take the issue to congress for approval also. the russian president blasts the u.s. for planning intervention in syria insisting the alleged chemical attack was a provocation by those aimed at dragging the west into the conflict. they need to visit syria again to continue their investigation of the. chemical attack.

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